Automatic Driving Lessons in Chesterfield and Dronfield

Your First Choice for Automatic Driving Lessons in Chesterfield and Dronfield

Automatic Driving Lessons in Chesterfield and Dronfield

No Gears, No Clutch

Less Stress!

Automatic Driving School in Chesterfield

Our Driving Instructor in Chesterfield drives a Hybrid


If you pass your test in an automatic, you can only drive automatic cars until you pass in a manual car.  If you pass in a manual car, you can drive either.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Chesterfield & Dronfield

Pass your tests faster with our automatic driving school in Chesterfield & Dronfield

It is difficult getting around without a car .  Get your independence soner rather than later with Go For It Automatic driving lessons in Chesterfield and Dronfield.  Go For It is one of the largest driving schools in the area, we are a name you can trust for honest, patient and professional automatic driving instructors.   Whatever your reason for choosing automatic, whatever your skill level, we can tailor the training just for you.    Without the gear box and clutch to worry about, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and  concentrate on the road ahead.

Automatic cars don't roll back on hills, they don't stall and definately reduce the stress that sometimes effect a pupils ability to pass the driving test.   If you are a nervous driver, then automatic may also be for you.  On average it takes 15 to 20 less lessons to pass in an automatic car than it does taking manual lessons. So not only will you pass quicker, you'll also save money while doing so. With a higher test pass rate and kess stress driving they really does make sense. 

We have had experience with a number of nervous drivers who come to us for automatic driving lessons in Chesterfield and Dronfield and we have found that they have the fear of co-ordinating the gears, clutch and accelerator. But during the lessons they have found that our patient and understanding approach has helped them to overcome their fears and gain confidence in their driving abilities.

Why is it more expensive to learn to drive in an automatic car?

Automatic driving instructors in Chesterfield and Dronfield cover a huge patch  compared to manual instructors.  With this  more fuel is used and automatic vehicles are not as fuel efficient  compared to  manual vehicles.  The cost to buy an automatic car, the car tax and maintenance is also generally more expensive.