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Crash / Intensive Course in Sheffield

Intensive Course in Sheffield

You must pass your theory before booking an Intensive

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How do i start?


1. Apply for a driving licence

2. Pass your theory test

3. Look at practical test date availability

4. Call us on 07855798052

5. Book Assessment Lesson

6. Book Intensive Training Course

7. Pay training course deposit (normally 50%)


Note: Deposits are not refundable with less than 28 days notice


Fast Pass Intensive Course in Sheffield

If you are in a hurry to pass, this could be just what you need

Life sometimes means we need things now. You may need to drive for your job or employment prospects or may be you are starting a family and buggy and buses is not for you. If you need to pass in a hurry, an intensive driving course could be for you. Before you take this option, you must have a valid theory test pass certificate.


Crash Course in Sheffield


We provide intensive driving lessons in Sheffield. The lessons can sometimes be referred to as a crash course, the aim is to pass, not crash! This course can be tailored for people who have never driven, had some lessons, or have failed a previous test and are looking for a fresh perspective. Our first step will be to assess your driving, this is how we will determine how many hours are required to raise your standard to test standard. We can estimate this over the telephone but cannot confirm until the assessment drive.



So in your holidays, take all the lessons you need to pass and take the test at the end of your course. There is less time to forget if your lessons are fit into a short period of time. Our intensive driving lessons in Sheffield are available in automatic and manual cars.


Driving Assessment

Don't Worry! Your Intensive Driving course in Sheffield has to start somewhere. Whatever stage you are at, we will assess you. So whether you have had lots of lessons or none, we have to assess what you can do and what you cannot. How else will we know how many hours of training you need to perfect areas needing to be improved. The assessment takes 2 hours.


Your instructor will introduce you to the training vehicle and give you some time to get used to it. Then we will see how you drive without us. We will look at all aspects of your drive, we will be more thorough than the examiner. All the manoeuvres will be included and we will ask you to drive independently for a short time. It wont feel like your are being assessed, we will try to keep you calm. IF you have never driven, your assessment drive will be a beginner lesson where we can see first hand how quickly you pick up the basics.



Is it for Me?

An Intensive Course in Sheffield is for you if you work well under pressure. If you do not, this course is not for you. What can happen is that the pressure of your test coming soon can distract from the learning that needs to take place. Also, some people need time to assimilate information, again, if this is you, this course is not for you. Think carefully before choosing a crash course in Sheffield. We are not responsible for your test and if you are not ready, we will not allow the use of our vehicle.



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