Which Instructor should i choose?

Which Driving Instructor Should I choose by Rob Hulley

Driving Lessons in Sheffield

Choosing the right driving instructor for your driving lessons in Sheffield and surrouding areas is the first step on your journey to driving test success and obtaining your Fully Qualified pink driving licence.

Male or Female instructor. What car, Big or small, Diesel or Petrol?

Lots of decisions to make, but 1st of all make that call.

How to find your prefered Driving School in Sheffield and surrounding areas?

Of course a recommendation from a friend is the best way to source your new instructor, but if you

don't have a friend who knows one then look on the internet and in my opinion you should chose a

local school so your instructor will be from your local area. Always check out the schools reviews.

Lots of good reviews means lots of happy customers. Go For It driving school uses 'FREEINDEX'

an independant review site that makes sure all reviews are from different customers and not just

written by the company as false reviews. It's always worth making sure reviews are legit. 

Also have you seen the companies cars out teaching round your area? Learner driving cars usually

have their company's graphics on their car or a roof box with their company's name on it.  

Male or Female instructor?

Its a personal choice to be honest. But it's very important to make sure you feel comfortable with your instructor and if you aren't for whatever reason to change instructors as feeling comfortable in the learning enviroment is most important, as you will learn quicker and pass quicker.

Big or Small Car?

I would personally recommend a small learner driving car for your driving lessons in sheffield  and South Yorkshire, but we do get requests for larger cars for taller people. Again being comfortable in the driving seat is important but being in a small car suits most learners as they are easier to handle and feel less bulky. You can of course choose between Manual and Automatic with Automatic becoming more and more popular, around 40% of learners are opting for automatic lessons in Sheffield and surrounding areas

Or Petrol, Diesel or even Electric?

Diesel was the preferred option for most instructors over recent years as diesel cars are more forgiving for beginners    on the clutch, but with hill start assist on petrol cars and petrold car clutches getting so much better then theres now no real difference now a days. Of course if you want to take the green option then electric automatic will be your choice.


Whatever you choose make sure you feel happy and comfortable with the car.

Pass rate and Instructor Grading ? 

Pass rate is a tricky one and though it is available on the DVSA website for each instructor it doesn't always tell the         full story re the instructors ability.  The instructors grade can be accessed Via the DVSA or ask the instructor themselves. This would be either A OR B

So if you have any questions I've not covered here just call Rob on 07855798052 and I'll fill in the gaps