My 2020 journey to becoming an ADI

My 2020 journey to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor Jack Hulley

Driving Lessons in Sheffield

 My journey to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor

 in 2020 by Jack Hulley

"My journey to become one of the youngest instructors in the country shows that despite

your age you can achieve anything if you work hard. Having left school and then college

at the age of 18, I didn't really know what career path I wanted to take. I was always into

coaching in Sport so without realising at the time, my college and apprenticeship work

helped me with my eventual career choice. 

 After my apprenticeship I found a job at McDonald's, the hours were long, including early

mornings and late nights. However, as a crew trainer it allowed me to develop my patience

and coaching skills. The customer service part of the job also helped me use my social skills

which I have transferred into the friendly service I provide as an instuctor. 

Eventually I decided to have a change. With my love of driving and the desire to be self employed and the flexibility that it brings, I started my training. The path to becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) involves passing 3 separate tests (part 1, 2 & 3). Part 1 is an extended theory test. Part 2 is an extended test of your own driving ability. Part 3 is a test of your instructional ability. 

I was advised by my trainer, Rob, to buy 2 books (Driving: the essential skills) and the Highway Code. I also had FREE use of Go For It Driving School's theory test pro app and given guidance on how to use it. Whilst I was working towards my theory test, I had an assessment drive and started having lessons for my part 2. 

After a couple of months of hard work I passed my theory test first time. I then booked my part 2 test so that I had a date to work towards. On my first attempt, I failed on a silly mistake. I failed to see a temporary speed limit sign, which was a learning curve for myself. I was determined to pass second time round and I did so, with only 3 minors. 

So, onto part 3. Before taking this test, you must do 40 hours of training, covering all aspects of instructional ability.

Once I had done this I was able to apply for a trainee licence and use this to teach pupils and gain valuable

experience. I really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to fully qualify. Unfortunately after 4 weeks, my training was put on

hold due to covid-19 and a national lockdown. This was incredibly frustrating. However, it gave me chance to work

on my lesson planning and part 3 plan for our return. 

On the 4th July we were allowed to teach again and it was great to see all my pupils return. My part 3 was moved

twice during lockdown due to the back log of tests. Lockdown gave me time to construct a good plan for my test

and I then needed a suitable pupil to carry it out on. 

I was delighted when I passed my part 3 first time and became fully qualified. It made all the hard work worthwhile. I'm now enjoying life as a self employed ADI, earning a good salary and the freedom that the job brings.