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It’s easy to put off learning to drive! Why would you put yourself through the theory test and the driving test? All hassle that you can easily put of or delay, But it’s so important! WHY? Why do you want to learn to drive? What s inspiring you to pick up your phone and book your driving lessons in Walkley ? Is it that new job you’re after ? Is it mobility and freedom you’re after ? Have all your friends passed already ? Do you need to learn to drive for your family ? Whatever the reason and there are many reasons to learn to drive, get started now.

Book your lessons immediately. We can make things easier for you than you think. First of all we can give you full access to our Theory Test Pro APP. Theory test pro is recognised as THE best online tool to help you pass your theory test. Along side that our instructor will give you all the help and advise you need to pass your theory test. Also while you’re working  on your theory we can build your confidence and skills at driving to make it so you’re ready to take your test as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to get you started – let’s go for it

Choose Go For It:

  • For great value driving lessons in Walkley and an incredible beginner offer from a name you can trust.
  • For Male or a Female Driving Instructor in Walkley and around South Yorkshire.
  • To learn more about driving than just how to pass tests.
  • To learn with a professional who will tailor a training course for you whether you pick things up fast, or need a little patience.
  • For pay as you go, semi intensive and intensive driving lessons.

Call us now, we are here to answer all your questions and get you on the road to driving test success!  Rob will answer your call.  He's not a call centre agent, he's a driving instructor and will have all the answers to your questions.    Rob's job is to match you with a driving instructor in Walkley that meets your requirements.

On the Road to test success - What do you need to do?

  1. Apply for your provisional driving licence.
  2. Find a driving school in Walkley.  call us on  07855798052 or complete the contact form (left)
  3. Begin your driving lessons, learn how to drive at your pace.
  4. During your lessons and at home study for the theory test.
  5. Pass your  theory test.    Check out Rob's 7 tips.
  6. Keep practising with regular lessons.
  7. Discuss booking the practical test with your instructor.  The waiting time for practical tests can be quite long so there may be an element  of guess work in deciding when you will be ready.  If you are not ready, it can be postponed.
  8. Pass your practical test.  Check out Rob's 7 tips.
  9. Additional training, pass plus, motorway, refreshers.

A good driver never stops learning.  Every day something new will happen and we will have given you the knowledge  and routines to deal with it.   If you want to learn more - like changing a wheel/bulbs, using SatNav or dealing with tricky local roads, just ask, we can help.

Choose Go For It for your driving lessons in Walkley