Automatic Revolution

The Automatic Revolution by Rob Hulley

Driving Lessons in Sheffield

WOW!! What a revolution. Automatic is taking over

Only 5 years ago Go For It driving schools manual to automatic split in business was Manual 90%

to Automatic 10% but now it's Manual 60% Automatic 40% a considerable chamge in choice for

the learner drivers of sheffield'

So why the change?

Well in my opinion it is partly down to the fact its quicker and easier to pass in an automatic car

and in general people want to pass as quick as possible. With no clutch or gears Automatic is

much easier to drive than Manual and in general takes around 10 hours less to pass the DVSA

Approved Driving Test. 


 Also as we have recently heard from the Government that no NEW petrol or Diesel cars are going  to be sold after 2030 in a bid to push everyone to a greener more eco friendly lifestyle.  The Electric revolution is on its way. Electric cars are booming and eventually in future, all cars will be electric or Hybrid and therefore automatic. Don't panic though this process will take a  while and there will still be Manual and Automatic 2nd hand cars for sale for a long whle yet. So if you are struggling  with Manual, want to pass quicker or just want to an easier life then call  us for Automatic lessons in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Or if you want to GO GREEN early to beat the rush and save the planet then call Go For It Driving School on 07855798052